Okay, time for some major horn tootage.

I’m a big fan of Peter Shankman’s “Help A Reporter Out” service, which helps link journalists and expert sources. HARO struck again last week!

A reporter from the Wall Street Journal was looking for vacationing folks who had ended up staying at more business-oriented hotels. Since I fit the bill perfectly, I pitched myself and ended up in the Wall Street Journal’s June 5, 2009 story, Hotels Mix Business and Pleasure: Facing slowdown, business hotels court vacationers with spas, deals and movie nights

With a print circulation of over 2 million, this is my biggest PR placement ever. And that doesn’t even count all the friends and immediate family to whom I flogged the online version.

Well, turns out that was just the start of an exciting PR weekend.

Last week, my client Scott Sandland, C.Ht., mentioned that he was irked by press reports circulating about NBA Lakers player Lamar Odom. (Word on the street was that Lamar had a “Skittles problem” and was consuming vast quantities of sugary treats and junk food.)

As a lifelong Lakers fan, and professional hypnotherapist, Scott had a strong opinion of the press coverage, and an interesting viewpoint about how hypnosis could help Odom, if he indeed had a sugar-coated monkey on his back.

Of course, being a PR wonk, I thought it might be a good idea to put out a news release about it.

Scott emailed me during Game 2 of the NBA finals with a link to the LA times story, Lamar Odom May Not Be Getting Sleepy Anytime Soon. (I nearly fainted, as Scott may as well be in a secure, undisclosed, hardened bunker during Lakers games. He’s simply inaccessible.) Scott happened to be leafing through the print edition of the Sunday LA Times when he saw his name on Page 2 of the Sports section, with two juicy quotes taken word for word from the news release.

Even now, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. PR is so much fun when it works.

Geez…now I have to follow this up with something even bigger next week…

Los Angeles Times story quoting my client Scott Sandland on Lamar Odom's alleged sugar addiction

Los Angeles Times story quoting my client Scott Sandland on Lamar Odom’s alleged sugar addiction

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