Imagine That Creative's SEO services helped our client attract new business for his stop smoking hypnosis practice in Austin, Texas

Our client James Hazlerig has used our SEO advice to help rise in search results.

Paid placement on the first page of Google search results takes almost no effort at all, aside supplying the search giant with a pile of cash (in the case of some keywords, quite a hefty pile.) “Organic” search engine traffic, like an organic apple, takes a little more effort to grow. But the results can be far more satisfying and delicious.

Today we heard from a client about the pleasant surprises that can come from following our search engine optimization advice. At Imagine That Creative, it’s our policy to never talk about ourselves. Especially when our happy clients do a far better job of it than we do!

Our client James Hazlerig is a consulting hypnotist in Austin, Texas, who helps people lose weight, stop smoking, and do a better (and more enjoyable) job of living life. About a year ago, James launched a new website and a couple of new landing pages to help him attract more smoking cessation business.

Having just survived the wildfires that devastated Bastrop County, Texas, James didn’t have a lot of cash on hand for paid advertising, so he was eager to do whatever he could for his web content to rank high in unpaid search results. Today I was so pleased to hear that our efforts are paying off. James is actually getting referrals from local physicians—and since he doesn’t know these doctors and have never contacted them, the only way they could have heard of him was through Google search results. James was kind enough to supply us with this testimonial:

I’ve been following Kathleen’s SEO advice for about six months, which has resulted in excellent Google results for my site. Last week, I received two calls from new clients who had been given my number by their doctors–whom I’d never met! The only way they could have found me is through a web search, and thanks to Kathleen Hanover, my site came up first.

— James Hazlerig, Harmony Hypnosis

If you’d like to discover how your online content can start getting the love from Google, drop us a note!

Kathleen Hanover
Certified Go-Giver Speaker and Copywriting Trainer
Kathleen Hanover helps entrepreneurs tell their story, attract their ideal audiences, and persuasively communicate their value. As a highly-regarded marketing copywriting trainer, she teaches persuasion psychology and the magic words that build rapport and sales. And as Ohio's first Certified Go-Giver Speaker, Kathleen shares the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success from the international best-seller, "The Go-Giver," by Bob Burg and John David Mann, with business and community audiences alike.
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