Public Relations Testimonials

Kathleen Hanover, public relations specialist, is  a wonder! Her intelligence, creativity, dedication and professionalism continually surpasses my expectations. She has an ability to think outside the box to find solutions to the toughest PR problems. She’s also inspiring without being pushy, a trait that most small business owners should value highly. Her writing and tech skills are superb. She has helped me garner attention and a following to support the marketing of my book. She is overall a delight to work with and I feel incredibly fortunate to have her on my team. 
Sara L.Merwin, MPH

Hospitalization Expert, Speaker and Author, The Informed Patient: A Complete Guide to a Hospital Stay

“I found Kathleen via an Internet search for freelance Public Relations. I’m normally hesitant about working with people who I have not met personally and skeptical about working with someone who doesn’t live and work where I do (New York City). Kathleen’s diligence and passion persuaded me to give her a shot and I’m glad that I did. Kathleen came to me with a creative way to market my web site, something I certainly never would have envisioned and something no other marketer had thought of. She produced a very thorough outline of what had to be done and executed it flawlessly. Kathleen’s confidence and enthusiasm were infectious and she was extremely easy to work with. The project was a huge success and I have Kathleen to thank for helping market my web site in an innovative way that was noticed by many people across New York City. I look forward to working with Kathleen again and recommend her to others without reservation.”

Aaron Finkel

Founder, New York Sports Connection

Kathleen is a true Go-Giver. She seeks first to understand the interests of the other person, and then provides excellent professional value via business, marketing and public relations insights and tips. It’s great to work with her.

Percy M. Cannon

Corporate Coach

“Not only does Kathleen include all the targeted keywords for Google optimization and search engine results (that we defined in our goals), she writes the news release to AP standards. If Kathleen writes a news release, it won’t be some garbage SEO article that gets tossed aside. Kathleen’s press releases are of higher quality and are more content-rich than any news releases I’ve seen before, which is how she gets me noticed by journalists. And that’s how Kathleen got me into the LA Times.”

Scott Sandland, C.Ht.

Hypnotherapist and Trainer, Goal Oriented Hypnotherapy

“Kathleen is truly an expert at writing press releases and helping clients get publicity. She was of great help to me as I struggled to write a press release for a client opening a new business. With Kathleen’s guidance and expertise, the press release just about wrote itself!”

Linda M. Ryan

Life Coach, Mind Over Matter Coaching, LLC

“Kathleen is an expert in her field. I’ve never worked with someone that excels under tight deadlines and is so professional. She is excellent at long-term strategy and implementing tactics…Each press release she writes intrigues and appeals to editors and search engines. Her releases always reflect my brand in an appropriate way and incorporates Voskos Greek Yogurt’s USP into my release. Kathleen can take any topic and write a press release that is engaging but very informative.  She certainly knows how to generate media coverage and increase web traffic through each release. Kathleen is a pleasure to work with and even helps with content when I’m stuck….”

Emily Neukircher

Voskos Greek Yogurt

“Kathleen has just landed us on the first page of Google News, in the very first position, with a cleverly positioned news release that leverages a trending news story…Kathleen has proven to us that we can raise my profile as an expert in my field, and help find new customers, very affordably and in a very short period of time. She is a high value addition to my team and can recommend her to anyone who wants more web traffic, leads, and business.”

David Shade

Author, Seminar Presenter

“It’s important to note that Kathleen has a particular strength in Public Relations. She’s adept at developing innovative programs for her clients that are newsworthy and have great word-of-mouth appeal.”

Dom Cimei

Creative Director, B/R/C Marketing

Every copywriting, marketing and public relations project we undertake for a client is done on a “custom” basis, with unique goals, strategies, tactics and budgets. Therefore it is impossible to identify a “typical” result. As every project is unique, and every client is unique, every client testimonial is unique and should be considered individually. Want to become our next success story? Get in touch today.