Copywriting Samples

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Direct Mail Sales Letter - Dental Consultation


We helped our client sell his consulting services with a direct mail letter that spoke directly to his target audience’s frustration with traditional continuing education for dentists.

Case History Writing & Design - Real Estate Agent


We helped a San Antonio Realtor turn his best clients into terrific spokespersons for his brand.

Direct Mail Sales Letter - Pharmacist Newsletter


A direct-mail package featuring this sales letter was just what the doctor ordered for this continuing education service for pharmacists.

Flyer - Automobile Dealer Service Pricing Guides


How did we market a big-ticket automobile service pricing guide system to service managers? By focusing on benefits.

Radio Ad Copy - Estate Planning Event


Our drive-time radio ad for estate planning captivated a captive audience, asking them what would happen to their family if they didn’t make it home that night. 

Landing Page - Relationship Coach


This dating coach had a long-term love affair with my long-format sales letter, using it virtually unchanged for over five years.

Article - Personal Branding Content


I wrote this article for LinkedIn to generate public relations leads and brand myself as an expert. 

Press Release - Heart Walk Ambassador


This feature-style press release generated big coverage for a little heart defect survivor.

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