Marketing & Consulting Testimonials

Kathleen Hanover exceeded all my expectations! She had no difficulty whatsoever understanding my industry and my prospects. She developed an INGENIOUS campaign and I have already started a second project and look forward to a long and prosperous business relationship. Thank you so much!”

Michael Carducci

Professional Magician and Keynote Speaker,

My website was nice, but it wasn’t converting. I could not figure it out and it was pretty frustrating. Kathleen spent an hour on the phone with me going through it. She absolutely nailed it! With a few modifications, I saw immediate improvements with my conversion rate.

Scott Gibbens

Founder, Small Biz Connect

“Recently, our ‘live show’ entertainment business made a sudden and major pivot to offering Virtual Magic Shows, online. Thanks to Kathleen’s sage knowledge and clear vision, we were able to quickly gain valuable insights and practical advise on how to immediately revise our web site’s entire landing page with fresh content and persuasive copywriting, so that we minimized the talk about ourselves and highlighted the key features and benefits that our clients would receive by engaging our services. We are currently implementing Kathleen’s many recommendations with a deeper understanding of what it takes to reach, attract and solidify the trust needed to close the sale.

If you are searching for a skilled copywriting and digital marketing expert that will quickly grasp the value of your services and products, and help you to effectively communicate your brand and reach your target markets, you would be fortunate to have Kathleen Hanover in your court!

Jonathan Levey

Performer, Max & Maxine Entertainment

“Kathleen Hanover knows what she is doing. We know sales better than anyone else and we only work with the best. Kathleen is that. If you’re fortunate enough to have her working on your behalf, you need not worry. Listen to what she says. You may not like to hear this, but she probably knows more about your marketing/PR challenges than you do. If you can get her time to work on your program, do it.

Roger Sandler

President, Sandler Training by The Roger Wentworth Group, Inc.

“…folks let me tell you that Kathleen is AMAZING!!! She will find the voice of your company and she will do it well. Her results have been FAR above expectations! Don’t hesitate for a minute to hire her for anything!

Bruce Brown

Founder & CEO, American Bedding Solutions

We had a fantastic experience!! Kathleen had an excellent and quick grasp of complex material, and did an impeccable job, adhering to a tight schedule. Well done!! Will be delighted to use you again!! Highly recommended!!

Moshe Rogosnitzky

Co-Founder & CEO, MedInsight Research Institute

“Kathleen is a joy to work with. She’s a fantastic listener, straightforward and honest, and easily creates a comfortable atmosphere for you to open up in. She’s filled with strategic suggestions and ideas, and is very knowledgeable about tactics to help you build success. She takes the time to really understand your unique situation and meets you right where you are, while helping you figure out how to reach where you want to be.”

Christine Collins

NLP Practitioner, Transform Create Coaching

“Kathleen Hanover is a very inventive and resourceful creative person, capable of much more than just concepting and writing. She’s very skilled at interviewing and research gathering, and can uncover nuggets and gems that will drive strategies to a higher level of relevance. She is also very creative and able to quickly produce a variety of distinct conceptual angles from a single brief, which makes her a valued, and busy, ‘go-to’ creative resource.”

Dave Nichols

Creative Director, B/R/C Marketing

[Kathleen] was very easy to work with; thorough, professional. We quickly established a good rapport; Kathleen asked insightful questions about the project and our needs and goals. Kathleen was able to effectively use her skills and experience to help us define our marketing & advertising direction. Without reservation, I would highly recommend…[and] definitely call upon Kathleen’s expertise again.”

Donald Alfano

Founder, Niche Apparel Company

“I was very pleased with the marketing plan that Kathleen put together for promoting my iPhone App. She is very knowledgeable, professional, has great ideas, and thinks outside the box.”

Private Client

Founder, App Development Company

“Kathleen is a true professional. If you are looking for a great business consultant for your start up business or for a new infusion of ideas for your marketing plan, you want to hire Kathleen.”

Private Client

Founder, Entertainment Company

Every copywriting, marketing and public relations project we undertake for a client is done on a “custom” basis, with unique goals, strategies, tactics and budgets. Therefore it is impossible to identify a “typical” result. As every project is unique, and every client is unique, every client testimonial is unique and should be considered individually. Want to become our next success story? Get in touch today.