Bob Burg, co-author of the international bestseller “The Go-Giver,” and author of the bestselling business book “Endless Referrals: Network Your Everyday Contacts Into Sales,” has certified Dayton, Ohio marketing consultant Kathleen Hanover as his first Certified Go-Giver Speaker in the state of Ohio. Hanover, 50, is a copywriting, public relations and marketing expert who helps startups, small businesses and non-profits attract leads, publicity and donors.

Hanover received her certification in Orlando, Florida at an event that included mentoring and coaching by Bob Burg—a sought-after corporate speaker himself—and Jane Atkinson, internationally recognized speaker coach and author of The Wealthy Speaker 2.0. The 12-month certification program includes training on Burg’s Go-Giver philosophy, his Endless Referrals system, and his principles of “Ultimate Influence™.” Hanover is among only 52 speakers and coaches worldwide who are authorized to present Burg’s content under the Go-Giver brand.

Kathy Tagenel, Kathleen Hanover and Bob Burg

Kathy Tagenel, Kathleen Hanover and Bob Burg. Photo by Peter Dickinson. Used with permission.

“When I present copywriting seminars across the U.S., I naturally incorporate concepts from ‘The Go-Giver’,” says Hanover, “I use Bob Burg’s principles of ‘Ultimate Influence’ myself when I write sales letters, direct mail campaigns, press releases, and other marketing material for clients. When I discovered that Bob’s organization had a certified speaker program, I knew I had to get involved. The Go-Giver philosophy has helped me transform my business, and my life. I’m honored to be part of the Go-Givers International family.”

In addition to presenting on “The Go-Giver,” “Endless Referrals,” and other Burg content, Certified Speakers like Kathleen add value to their own content by incorporating the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success and other concepts from the Go-Giver Framework™. “Kathleen authentically and effectively communicates The Go-Giver message as she shares her copywriting expertise,” says Burg. “She writes—and trains—in a way that is very client-focused and easily understandable.”

“In order to be sustainably profitable, you must bring exceptional value to the marketplace,” Burg explains. “But to experience ‘Stratospheric Success,’ you also have to effectively communicate that value, and touch the lives of many people with that exceptional value. Kathleen and our other coaches and speakers help us amplify the Go-Giver message far beyond what I can do as one individual.”

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About Kathleen Hanover

A native of Columbus, Ohio, Kathleen Hanover is an award-winning marketing and public relations consultant and copywriter who trains entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and emerging businesses to effectively target and present their marketing messages for maximum return on investment. She is Ohio’s first Certified Go-Giver Speaker.

About Bob Burg

A sought-after conference speaker, Bob Burg is the author of ten books, including the international bestseller “The Go-Giver,” “Go-Givers Sell More,” “Adversaries Into Allies,” and “Endless Referrals.”copywriting training seminars with Kathleen Hanover

Kathleen Hanover
Certified Go-Giver Speaker and Copywriting Trainer
Kathleen Hanover helps entrepreneurs tell their story, attract their ideal audiences, and persuasively communicate their value. As a highly-regarded marketing copywriting trainer, she teaches persuasion psychology and the magic words that build rapport and sales. And as Ohio's first Certified Go-Giver Speaker, Kathleen shares the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success from the international best-seller, "The Go-Giver," by Bob Burg and John David Mann, with business and community audiences alike.
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