Tell us how we can help.

Here’s how we typically get to know each other.

1. We schedule a quick chat via phone or Skype.

2. We’ll take a few quick minutes to discuss your goals and the kind of results we can deliver for your budget.

3. We decide if moving forward to a second conversation is a “Yes,” “No,” or “Maybe.”

Most clients know pretty quickly if our expertise, track record and process resonates with them. (And if not, we part as friends.)

Your responses are confidential.

  • Sharing your contact information gives us permission to reach out to you to respond to your inquiry. We promise never to share your personal details, and we take your privacy very seriously.



“Kathleen exceeded all my expectations! She had no difficulty whatsoever understanding my industry and my prospects. She developed an INGENIOUS campaign and I have already started a second project and look forward to a long and prosperous business relationship. Thank you so much!”

Michael Carducci

Keynote Speaker