Speaking & Training Testimonials

"Kathleen taught a copy writing seminar I attended last summer, and I still find myself using the information I learned over those two days on a regular basis. Her teaching style is very engaging and relatable, and I appreciated that she started by asking about how we individually prefer to learn. She was very thorough and spoke from relevant personal experience, interjecting some humor and her fun personality throughout. I found the real-world examples used in class to be very powerful, and during the interactive exercises, she took great care to give us feedback that we could use to improve our skills. I went into the seminar with high expectations, and was very happy that Kathleen was there to exceeded them."

Laura Weber

Marketing Communication Specialist

"Kathleen is a proven marketing professional. Her insights regarding peoples' motivating behaviors that underpin successful copywriting are invaluable skills that I can use in my B2B writing. As the copywriting trainer, she had us write copy in groups using realistic audience examples. It was great feedback, encouraging creativity along with critical analysis. In 25 years of marketing, her presentation was one of the best I've ever attended. I could have listened and learned from her the rest of the week!

Karen McCumber

B2B/B2C Marketing Copywriter, Pure Michigan/Michigan Economic Development Corporation

"I was worried when I realized that there would only be one speaker at a two-day workshop. With Kathleen, however, it became quickly apparent that the session would be anything but boring. Her unfailing energy and real-life experiences made the time fly by. She somehow managed to cater the workshop to everyone—despite the varying levels of experience in the room. I was eager to get back to work and use the valuable tools she taught us to make a difference in my writing. Fantastic speaker, I would highly recommend her."

Christina Schiel

Research & Communications Analyst, American InterContinental University

"Our team took the copy writing seminar together and Kathleen's engaging personality and thoughtful presentation style along with her vast knowledge-base empowered my whole team as writers and editors. We have implemented several techniques from her seminar and have already seen great results and received wonderful feedback from our internal audience as well as our external. She is an outstanding teacher who shares practical and useful information that is easy to incorporate in your day-to-day work."

Djuana Daniel

Communications Specialist, Living Word Christian Center

"I cannot recommend Kathleen enough as a dynamic and engaging trainer...she kept the training so interesting she had my full attention the entire time. I found all of the information extremely applicable to my design and marketing career, and in other aspects of my life. She shared her insight into the human psyche, provided great resources for useful tools and continued learning, and I really had a great time in the workshop. I’m a big fan!"

Angela Novak

Senior Designer, Grant Thornton LLP

"What a truly informative seminar!! Thank you so much...some great strategies for preparing and sending out a press release that comes across newsworthy and professional. What came across loudly for me is that there are so many publicity possibilities."

Christine Scott

"People say great copywriters can’t be taught. But they can be inspired – challenged – encouraged and emboldened to greatness. Like all great coaches, Hanover is a game changer. Her workshop will make you faster, stronger and smarter, no matter what state your game is in. It’s like steroids for your copy – only perfectly legal."

Kerry Speer

Creative Communicator

"I knew how to write a press release but I learned so much valuable information about strategy and the what not to do's. I've participated in teleseminars before that were so tedious, filled with 'chat and joking'. This was so much more professional and covered lots of material making it time well spent."

Charlene J. Black


"This was superb, thank you so much! Very, very informative, reassuring and motivating...I now feel a lot more confident and have some pointers as to where to go to check out other press releases, who to send things to etc. Many thanks indeed for a really generous, informative, well-put together, and enjoyable seminar!"

Fiona McKeand

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hong Kong Hypnotherapy

Copywriting Testimonials

“[Kathleen] is honest, clever and productive. I recommend her highly and am very happy with her work. She will make you money - without doubt.”

Bill Stacy

Stock Trading Educator , One Day Wealth

“Kathleen Hanover listened to my input about our products, customers, and promotional offer, put it together with her sales and marketing expertise, and created a series of terrific renewal letters for our subscribers. Her copy effectively markets our products and clearly communicates the "special renewal offer". Kathleen's willingness to share her marketing knowledge helped my company avoid pitfalls, and I believe her input will increase our renewal rate.”

Terry Baker, PharmD

Editor, The RxConsultant

Kathleen Hanover is a powerful and creative copywriter. Not only has her work specifically improved the individual projects she was hired to complete, her work has resulted in a marked improvement in our company's overall messaging. I confidently recommend Kathleen to any who have a direct marketing or web copy need."

Larry McKnight

Vice President, LearningRx

“How do you know if a copywriter is doing their job? They ask a TON of questions. Kathleen did her research, strategized her way into the visitors brain, then wrote a sales letter that will magnetically attract their wallet to our product. Seriously, this is some good copy. If you're on the fence, stop screwing around and hire this one. She's good!”

Happy Elance Client

“Kathleen's work is amazing. She is a gifted copywriter and truly understands internet marketing. Her suggestions were extremely helpful and her pre-copy questionnaire was absolutely priceless in allowing me to fully explain my product, my target customer, and how my product would help this target customer group. She is a true copy-writing professional that you NEED to hire.”

Michael W.

“...hit the bulls-eye again! Her letter, sent in a fairly small mailshot, netted nearly 3000 hits to my website in 24 hours. The rest of the copy on the site closed the deal more times that I dreamed possible. It was very enjoyable watching live streaming stats on our site show conversion after conversion. Thanks to you, our new business is a reality!”

Michael W.

“Kathleen is a real professional marketer and copywriter. Not only does she understand the importance of knowing the product and understanding the target audience (she has a worksheet for this) but she understands long form sales letters and how they are best used for internet marketing. If you are trying to sell something online, be sure you hire Kathleen.

Elance buyer EthosInc

“Another job well done! [Kathleen] can masterfully get into the heads of prospective clients and write clear, compelling copy to move them to take action. We are very happy with both projects and will be working with [her] exclusively. Thank you so much! ”

Private Client

Marketing & Public Relations Testimonials

“I am thrilled with the results I have gotten working with Kathleen Hanover. In less than three months she has created and started to execute a complete marketing and PR strategy for me. She has written and distributed multiple publication-quality press releases (more on that later); she has helped me attract well over 1,000 targeted followers on Twitter, she created a number of high-quality SEO backlinks to my website, she completely revised my LinkedIn profile for SEO, and best of all, she got me coverage on Page 2 of the Sunday Los Angeles Times sports section, where I was quoted as an expert in my field.

One thing it took me time to recognize was the quality of her press releases. Not only does Kathleen Hanover include all the targeted keywords for Google optimization and search engine results (that we defined in our goals), she writes the news release to AP standards. If Kathleen writes a news release, it won't be some garbage SEO article that gets tossed aside. Kathleen's press releases are of higher quality and are more content-rich than any news releases I've seen before, which is how she gets me noticed by journalists. And that's how Kathleen got me into the LA Times....

I don't need a yes man, I need marketing and PR results. And Kathleen Hanover gets results.”

Scott Sandland

Certified Hypnotherapist, Goal Oriented Hypnotherapy

"Kathleen is a PR machine! We worked together on one of the most hectic non-profit campaigns I've experienced. I watched her work her muscle getting press attention, national media coverage, building executive client relationships, and writing tons of brilliant marketing copy. She definitely has a way with words. She's a hard working, internet-age communicator I surely would work with again.”

Justin Flores

Web Solution Craftsman, Merge VR

“Kathleen Hanover knows what she is doing. We know sales better than anyone else and we only work with the best. Kathleen is that. If you’re fortunate enough to have her working on your behalf, you need not worry. Listen to what she says. You may not like to hear this, but she probably knows more about your marketing/PR challenges than you do. If you can get her time to work on your program, do it.

Roger Sandler

President, Sandler Training by The Roger Wentworth Group, Inc.

“Kathleen Hanover exceeded all my expectations! She had no difficulty whatsoever understanding my industry and my prospects. She developed an INGENIOUS campaign and I have already started a second project and look forward to a long and prosperous business relationship. Thank you so much!”

Michael Carducci

Professional Magician and Keynote Speaker, TrulyMagic.com

“Kathleen Hanover is a very inventive and resourceful creative person, capable of much more than just concepting and writing. She’s very skilled at interviewing and research gathering, and can uncover nuggets and gems that will drive strategies to a higher level of relevance. She is also very creative and able to quickly produce a variety of distinct conceptual angles from a single brief, which makes her a valued, and busy, 'go-to' creative resource.”

Dave Nichols

Creative Director, B/R/C Marketing

“I was very pleased with the marketing plan that Kathleen put together for promoting my iPhone App. She is very knowledgeable, professional, has great ideas, and thinks outside the box.”

Elance client ForwardLeap

“Kathleen is a true professional. If you are looking for a great business consultant for your start up business or for a new infusion of ideas for your marketing plan, you want to hire Kathleen.”

Happy Elance Client Abadasher

[Kathleen] was very easy to work with; thorough, professional. We quickly established a good rapport; Kathleen asked insightful questions about the project and our needs and goals. Kathleen was able to effectively use her skills and experience to help us define our marketing & advertising direction. Without reservation, I would highly recommend Imagine That Creative and would definitely call upon Kathleen's expertise again."

Donald A.