Copywriting Testimonials

“[Kathleen] hit the bulls-eye again! Her letter, sent in a fairly small mailshot, netted nearly 3000 hits to my website in 24 hours. The rest of the copy on the site closed the deal more times that I dreamed possible. It was very enjoyable watching live streaming stats on our site show conversion after conversion. Thanks to you, our new business is a reality!”

Michael Carducci

Professional Illusionist & Public Speaker,

Kathleen is a fantastic copywriter and a consummate professional. I have used her services on multiple occasions and not only is she timely, professional, and thorough, her copy converts like crazy! She intuitively “gets it” and has an innate ability to grasp my clients’ mindset and what they need as if it were her own business. I can’t recommend her enough.

Eric Loftus

Business Consultant and Coach, Small Business Abundance

“Kathleen Hanover wrote copy for our sales page…The copy was perfect. We made zero changes, it was Copy-Paste ready. We just took the copy, added some pictures, added a payment button, and our site was up and selling. And SELLING it was….The worst keywords, most untargeted junk keywords we could pick out, were converting at almost 1%. Our best keyword (the one we were targeting with Kathleen’s copywriting) was churning out sales at an unheard of rate. We don’t have enough data to conclusively state the conversion rate, but an initial 15%+ conversion rate is incredible!”

Mike Burngasser


“In order to really reach your target audience, you need to have a solid grasp of how your audience thinks and what motivates them, and you need to be able to see things through their eyes. Kathleen Hanover is absolutely brilliant in all of the above. Between her naturally strategic communication skills, and her extreme desire for nothing less than the best for her clients, she’s well…A sure thing.”

Kevin Cole

CEO, Las Vegas Hypnosis Institute

“I hired Kathleen to write sales copy and news releases for a new tele-course program that we were offering. Kathleen did an outstanding job. She asked the right questions, was very detailed, made adjustments as necessary and I was thrilled with the final copy. She was a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to working with her again. I highly recommend Kathleen for any sales copy and news releases that you might need!”

Mia Turpel

Founder, Performance Support Partners, LLC

“We were having issues with our direct response mailers and we decided to hire Kathleen Hanover to write us a letter that would help clients in our vertical realize how our IT services could help them improve their billing hours. Kathleen did a great job at it and delivered a very effective direct mail letter. I would definitely recommend Kathleen to any business that needs to get their client’s attention.”

Saeer Butt

Vice President of Custom Software Development, Zaphyr Technologies

Kathleen’s work is amazing. She is a gifted copywriter and truly understands internet marketing. Her suggestions were extremely helpful and her pre-copy questionnaire was absolutely priceless in allowing me to fully explain my product, my target customer, and how my product would help this target customer group. She is a true copy-writing professional that you NEED to hire.”

Michael W.

Entrepreneur, Professional Services Company

“Kathleen Hanover listened to my input about our products, customers, and promotional offer, put it together with her sales and marketing expertise, and created a series of terrific renewal letters for our subscribers. Her copy effectively markets our products and clearly communicates the “special renewal offer”. Kathleen’s willingness to share her marketing knowledge helped my company avoid pitfalls, and I believe her input will increase our renewal rate.”

Terry Baker, PharmD

Editor, The RxConsultant

Kathleen Hanover is a powerful and creative copywriter. Not only has her work specifically improved the individual projects she was hired to complete, her work has resulted in a marked improvement in our company’s overall messaging. I confidently recommend Kathleen to any who have a direct marketing or web copy need.”

Larry McKnight

Vice President, LearningRx

“Kathleen is a real professional marketer and copywriter. Not only does she understand the importance of knowing the product and understanding the target audience (she has a worksheet for this) but she understands long form sales letters and how they are best used for internet marketing. If you are trying to sell something online, be sure you hire Kathleen.

Private Client

Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer

“How do you know if a copywriter is doing their job? They ask a TON of questions. Kathleen did her research, strategized her way into the visitors brain, then wrote a sales letter that will magnetically attract their wallet to our product. Seriously, this is some good copy. If you’re on the fence, stop screwing around and hire this one. She’s good!

Private Client

Marketing Director, Professional Services Company

“Another job well done! [Kathleen] can masterfully get into the heads of prospective clients and write clear, compelling copy to move them to take action. We are very happy with both projects and will be working with [her] exclusively. Thank you so much! ”

Private Client

VP of Sales & Marketing, SaaS Provider

“Kathleen Hanover offers a unique and fresh approach to business writing. A pleasure to work with in every way.”

Adam Zak

Lean Executive Recruiter

“I hired Kathleen to write a sales letter that represented my service well. I wanted something that clearly expressed what I do, and justified the expenditure for a one-year coaching program. Kathleen so far exceeded my expectations that I hired her to write a squeeze page for the same project.”

Angie Dixon

Author and Coach

“[Kathleen] is honest, clever and productive. I recommend her highly and am very happy with her work. She will make you money – without doubt.”

Bill Stacy

Stock Trading Educator , One Day Wealth

Every copywriting, marketing and public relations project we undertake for a client is done on a “custom” basis, with unique goals, strategies, tactics and budgets. Therefore it is impossible to identify a “typical” result. As every project is unique, and every client is unique, every client testimonial is unique and should be considered individually. Want to become our next success story? Get in touch today.