About Us

Imagine That Creative, Inc. is a virtual marketing and public relations agency.

What does that mean? It means we have all the brains and expertise of a bricks-and-mortar agency, but very little of the overhead.

When you work with Imagine That Creative, Inc., you get agency-level work at a fraction of what a traditional marketing or PR agency has to charge. We don’t have a fancy office building or an expensive staff to maintain. I build a creative team based on your project and your needs (if you don’t need a graphic designer or SEO expert, why should you have to pay their salaries?)

Because we all work virtually, our talent pool is nationwide. You’re not limited to working with the people in your own backyard.

And, unlike most marketing or public relations agencies, if you hire Imagine That Creative, you get the attention (and results) of the senior creative. Your project isn’t farmed out to wet-behind-the-ears junior staffers to have to learn their jobs on your dime.

If you’re tired of subsidizing other agencies’ learning curves, contact us today. Tell me what’s frustrating you the most about your current business situation…and let’s see what my team and I can do about it.

Kathleen Hanover
Executive Creative Director
Imagine That Creative, Inc.