“Kathleen is a true professional. If you are looking for a great business consultant for your start up business or for a new infusion of ideas for your marketing plan, you want to hire Kathleen.”

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Get dramatically better marketing results with relentlessly benefit-focused copy.

“What’s in it for me?” is the #1 question you must answer to make a sale.

My name is Kathleen, and as a freelance marketing copywriter, I help you capture your ideal buyer’s wallet by capturing their gut, heart and mind (in that order).

When it comes to writing sales copy, focusing on features is easy. Features are obvious. They’re objective. They’re the same for everyone. That’s why so many copywriters focus solely on features. And because features are far less engaging and persuasive than benefits, that’s why most copywriting just doesn’t get you the sales results you deserve.

Benefits are the mysterious shifting quicksand of copywriting. They’re subjective. They’re often different for every audience. They require more research and thought to uncover. And when you’re really good at identifying and communicating them, they can capture and captivate your buyer like no feature ever could.




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Business organizations and clubs hire Certified Go-Giver Speaker Kathleen Hanover


Does your professional organization, non-profit or club need a compelling, relevant speaker or trainer for your event? Kathleen can help your audience put the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success to work for them. The Five Laws are:

  • The Law of Value
  • The Law of Compensation
  • The Law of Influence
  • The Law of Authenticity
  • The Law of Receptivity

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Marketing Departments

Even marketing agencies and corporate marketing departments need help sometimes. We may be a good fit for consulting or outsourcing if…

  • You find yourself falling back into old habits.
  • You’ve got writer’s block or you’re out of fresh ideas.
  • You need a second opinion before the client sees it.
  • You need temporary help on a big project.

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Startup Companies

Startup companies get help clarifying their message, unique selling proposition and target audiences, and add value with strong, focused branding. We might be a good fit if…

  • You can’t articulate your best benefits for your audience
  • You don’t know the best way to position yourself against competitors
  • You need professional marketing collateral that helps you look established and credible

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Smart entrepreneurs hire freelance marketing consultants like Kathleen Hanover

Small Business Owners

Savvy entrepreneurs recapture more hours in the day when you outsource marketing and PR so you can focus on core tasks.

We help small business owners who…

  • Don’t have time to do their own marketing
  • Don’t have specialized marketing knowledge
  • Haven’t achieved the results they need doing it themselves
  • Need an outside, objective viewpoint

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